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How much is freight?

We currently have a flat rate per blind of $8 + G.S.T anywhere in new zealand.

How do I install my blind?

All screws and brackets are supplied and we send instructions with the blinds. Installation instructions are also available here.

What if I have measured my windows incorrectly?

All our blinds are custom made to your requirements so we can not be held responsible for any errors in your measurements. However, if you contact us before we have started production, we will do our best to help. We want your blinds to look their best!

Do the blinds come with a guarantee?

Yes, a three year guarantee comes as standard on all blinds. We do not cover against misuse, incorrect installation, or normal wear and tear. Click here for more details on our guarantee.

How to Use & Care for your blinds?

To get the best out of your blinds you will need to follow our care and maintenance guide. Blinds that are cared for will last many more years than our 5 year warranty. Blinds that are abused will have the useful life span reduced considerably.

Venetian Blinds:


Before raising the blind ensure that the slat are tilted fully open. Where hold down clips are fitted ensure that they are released.

If a slat gets out of timing (doesn’t line up with the other slats) tilt the blind open and shut a number of times to retime the slats.

When opening a window always raise the blind first. Never leave the blind down and the window open. Wind caused the slats to move around causing noise and extra wear and tear.

This may also mark the paint on the window frame. Long exposure to sea air may cause corrosion.


Keeping your blind clean is as easy as using a feather duster once a week. When it is time for a spring clean remove the blind from its brackets and hang from a clothes line. Wash with a mild detergent and warm water. Make sure the blind is completely dry before re installing.

Vertical Blinds:


Rotate the fabric slats fully open before pulling the fabric back off the window. Sometimes a slat may get caught and get out of timing with the rest. To retie the slats use the operating chain to close the slats. Over tighten the slats to force the bad slat back into timing. You will hear a couple of clicks. Only a small amount of extra force is required. Repeat this process in the opposite direction. The rogue slat should now be back in time with the others.


Fabric slats can be wiped down with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water with a little neutral soap. Then the slat should be sponged down with fresh water and dried gently with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing the slats. The aluminium head rail track should be lubricated with a silicone spray every three months. Take care not to get the silicone on the fabric.

Timber & PVC Blinds:


Before lifting the blind ensure that all slats are tilted fully open. Always lift the blind up and out of the way when opening the window. Never have the blind down with the window open.

Timber slats may break if excessive force is applied. The locking mechanism that holds the blind up is designed to operate as follows. Pull directly down on the lifting cords until you reached the desired high then angle the lifting cord over to the right for right control blinds or left for left control blinds and slowly release the lifting cord. This will lock off the blind. To let the blind down pull the lifting cord to release the lock and angle the lifting cord over to the centre of the blind then slowly release the lifting cord. The blind will come down.


Clean regularly with an antistatic brush. To remove dirt spots use a cloth dampened with lukewarm water. If necessary use a diluted neutral soap. Never use a solvent to clan as this may damage the finish.

If you need to remove the fascia please contact us for assistance.

Roller Blinds:


Lifting and lowering of roller blinds is achieved by the operating chain rotating the tube. Care is required when operating the blind so that the fabric does not get damaged and the blind does not get out of timing. Check that the chain stopper is on and in the correct position.

This will stop people lowering the blind too far and raising the blind too far. If raised too far the bottom rail may go over the top and the blind get out of timing. If lowered too far the fabric may come off the tube. The chain stopper is essential. Avoid any violent action when operating the blind. Violent action may cause the fabric to bunch up on the tube and start tracking off. This will cause damage to the edges of the fabric.

Never let the fabric get blown about in an open window as damage to the fabric will occur.

Never have the blind down and the window open.


Use a feather duster regularly. Stains or smudges can be removed with luke warm water and a diluted neutral soap with a sponge. The sponge should be squeezed almost dry before applying. Small marks can be removed with an art-gum rubber.

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