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Acmeda Motorized Roller Blinds - Shop

Here you will be able to order the Acmeda motorized blinds. These are the 2.0nm Wire free motors, the pricing below includes the motors. If you are looking for a cheaper motorized option as these motors cost $380 each. We have a cheaper option to add on motors in our normal roller blind page. These only cost $180 each.
You will be able to split blinds and order Day and night blinds below. CLICK HERE FOR FREE SAMPLES
Shipping dates: 15 working days

Blind gallery
Fabric Types
Dawn - Blockout
Dawn fabric range is our most popular blockout roller blind.
This fabric is for when you want to block out the sun and give privacy at night. A few key features are:

  • Uniguard® Fabric Protection system and semi-gloss finish makes cleaning easy and effective
  • Greenguard® certified to guarantee Air Purity. PVC and Lead Free.
  • One of the heaviest & thickest fabrics available in the Australian & New Zealand markets today
Uniview 10%
Uniview 10% if our most popular sunscreen fabric.
This is used when you want privacy during the day and want to be able to still see out. This also blocks 90% of the UV rays. Sunscreens do not give privacy at night time. People will be able to see in so we recommend using a day and night where you add a blockout over top if you need privacy. Key points are:

  • Greenguard© certified to guarantee Air Purity
  • Unsurpassed 10 Year fabric Warranty
  • Uniguard fabric protection system
  • Fully Fade Resistant: Result 6-7 ISO 105-B02:1994 (Xenon Arc Method)
  • 75% PVC, 25% Polyester
  • Complies with General Requirements of the Building Code of Australia for Fire Hazard Properties of materials used. Tested to AS1530.2 & AS1530.3. Test reports available on request.

Belice Blockout
Belice Blockout is our premier fabric range, this has a nice texture on the front with a thermal backing for added insulation. Some key features are:

  • 5 Year Fabric Warranty
  • Thermal backing
  • Mould and mildew protection
  • Uniguard fabric protection
  • All colours are 100% Blockout AS-2663.3-199
  • Fully Fade Resistant: Result 6-7 ISO 105-B02:1994 (Xenon Arc Method)
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Coating: Acrylic – PVC free
Belice Lightfilter
Belice Lighfilter is awesome for when you want some privacy and you still want light to be let in. This is great for bathrooms and entertainment areas where you perhaps don’t want to see what is outside, but you want some light to still come in. Key points:

  • 5 Year fabric Warranty
  • Lets light through
  • Can see shadows through the fabric – but cant make out details.
  • Mould and mildew protection
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Coating: Acrylic – PVC free
Palermo (Sheer)
Palermo is a premier type of sunscreen fabric. It is more similar to a curtain sheet but in a roller blind form. Its openness is roughly around 7%. So it blocks 93% of the UV rays. This is perfect for anywhere you want to see our during the day and have privacy. But at night time you may wish to upgrade to a Day and Night blind to have a blockout over the front. Key points:

  • 5 Year Fabric Warranty
  • Mould and mildew protection
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Its a uniview 10% but with nicer texture.
Roller blinds details
Acmeda Motor components.
All components we use for Acmeda re-chargeable motors are sourced from a local company called Gat. They import all Acmeda roller products used in the manufacture of these blinds.
The motor is a Re-chargeable LI-ION Battery – The motor sits inside the tube, the photos below show how much of the motor is showing and how nice it looks with the motor cap covering the end.

We use thick aluminum tubes that fit these particular motors – The wider your blind, the thicker the tube.

Product Specifications below:

Max Run Time12 min.
Speed20 RPM
(Adjustable to 24 or 28)
Radio Frequency433.92 MHz
RF ModulationFSK
IP RatingIP44
Limit Switch TypeElectronic
Current1.25 A
Battery Size/Type2200mAH
Temp Working Range0ºC to 60ºC
Insulation ClassIII
Sound Level~46 dB
Power15 W

Controlling the motors
Every Acmeda motor needs a remote to set the limits and control the motor going up and down.
Each remote has a specified amount of channels – 5 or 15. This is how many CHANNELS a remote can have.

One channel can have multiple motors on it. So for example, you have a dining room and a kitchen. The dining room has 3 blinds (#1,#2,#3) and the kitchen has two blinds(#4,#5)
A 5 channel remote can have all of these blinds on them, then every remote has an added channel “0” – This controls all the blinds on the remote. So if you pressed 0 – The dining room and the kitchen blinds would respond.

Now if you wanted the dining room and kitchen blinds to be independent, you would need a 15 channel remote – So on channels 1-5 would be the individual blinds, then channel 6 you can pair the dining room blinds and channel 7 you can do the Kitchen blinds.
So channel 0: Does all
Channel 6: does all the dining room
Channel 7: Does all the kitchen blinds.

Another awesome addition is the Automate Pulse 2 hub – This will connect your blinds to your home wifi and be able to control with your home automation or smart phones – Either Siri/Alexa/Google home.

Day And Night
Day and nights are awesome to give you more options – Privacy during the day and then privacy with thermal options at night.
This works by having one bracket in your window that can support two blinds. You put the sunscreen up first, at the back then the blockout on top.
These blinds need to be rolling FRONT(forward) so they don’t hit each other in the middle. The controls will be on the same side. You can also have day and night blinds linked, these will come with a matching sized center bracket.

If you are going for Day And Night blinds, you will need to pick between two brackets. The standard bracket and the SLIM bracket.
Please see the photo here, or below in the gallery.
The SLIM is on the left:
This has a 85mm projection forward. This is good for narrow windows, but the bottom blind will sit lower – at around 110mm from the top.

The Standard is on the right:
This has a 110mm projection forward. This is good if you have a wide window jam, the bottom blind sits a lot higher than the slim – Roughly around 90mm.

Linked blinds
Since roller blinds can only be made at 3m wide, a lot of ranch sliders need two and sometimes three blinds in that space.

First thing is to get an overall measurement of your window or door. Lets say this is 4526mm wide.

If your blind is over 3m wide, or you select “Split my blind” you will now be prompted to enter the width for your first blind which is on the left. The second blind will be automatically calculated by getting your overall measurement and taking away the size of your first blind.

You can have a Day and Night blind linked as well. You will get a different shaped center bracket depending on the double bracket you order.

Corner window
Rollers are a nice way to deal with hard to decorate corner windows.
To measure for this, you get one blind that will be the full length of one of the sides. So looking at the corner window, lets say the first blind on the LEFT will go from the LEFT hand side all the way to the glass, you want to measure from the Inside window jam to where the aluminum is at the top of the window.  This will be your THROUGH blind.
To measure the blind that will be on the RIGHT – This will be slightly shorter since the first blind will be in the way. So you do the same measurement and  you take off 70mm which is the diameter of the first blind.
You want both roller blinds to be rolled to the FRONT – this will make the gap in the corner smaller.
So the THROUGH blind = Measure normally
The BUTTING blind = measure normally and take off 70mm