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Vertical Blind 127mm (Dawn)


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This is for a 127mm wide vertical fabric. Which is roughly 10% cheaper than 100mm wide.
Vertical blinds offer an ideal solution for the control of light, glare and heat. Vertically hanging fabric can be rotated through 180 degrees, enabling the user to alter settings to match the movement of the sun. Simply pulling the control cord will move all the fabric horizontally along the head track and off the window or door.

The horizontal movement of the fabric means the user is never lifting the weight of the fabric so Vertical blinds are a most functional and versatile way to dress large windows and doors. For more information about the current fabric we are using, please see the suppliers website.

Our standard vertical blind comes with chains between the weights at the bottom of the fabric and a white cord weight on the draw string.
If you need a cord/child safe attached to your vertical blind control cords please add a note in the checkout. Free of charge 🙂

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