Imagine if you could transform a room’s look, feel and functionality with just one purchase.

New blinds can do that. Quality custom-made blinds can completely freshen the look of a room, let you control the amount of light that comes in, and protect your privacy. That is a pretty good bang for your buck, but you’re probably thinking it will involve quite a few bucks!

Blinds4U disagree. They want to make quality blinds accessible to all Kiwis, regardless of budget. Here are a few ways you can enhance your home décor without blowing up your bank balance.


Options for Every Budget

At Blinds4U, we understand that every homeowner has different financial considerations. We all know times are tough with the increased cost of living a hot topic, but a tighter budget shouldn’t mean missing out on quality blinds.  

Custom-made blinds sound pretty fancy and Blinds4U’s blinds are top quality, but they don’t come with a high-end price. Generally, when buying blinds, costs can mount pretty quickly when you account for each step involved. It’s not just about the blinds themselves; you’re also covering the cost of a staff member to travel to your home, take window measurements, report back to the factory that manufactures the blinds and then pay for someone to install the blinds in your home. At Blinds 4U we do things differently and it’s all about keeping costs down for Kiwis. We’ve said ‘see you later’ to the middlemen to offer you substantial savings on your blinds. Here’s how it works: simply request a free sample to help you decide which of our blinds you love, take your window measurements yourself, place your order, and we’ll deliver the blinds directly to you, ready for easy installation in your home.


Cost-Effective Materials and Designs

Choosing window coverings made from quality durable materials ensures your they will provide excellent value for money for years to come.

Timber blinds bring warmth and style to any room in your home or office. Made from plantation cedar, these timbers are light and offer superior strength and resistance to bowing and twisting caused by the sun. This makes these blinds reliable long term solution for sunny spaces, and can save you money by protecting furniture and carpet from harsh rays.

Roller blackout blinds and roller sunscreen blinds come in a range of high-quality fabrics and are a terrific way to control light and privacy. Day and Night double blinds double the value with more options. One bracket in your window that can support two blinds gives you privacy during the day and then privacy with thermal properties at night.

Thermalite shutters look like wood and feel like wood, but offer several advantages over wood. They are water-resistant and fire-resistant for excellent durability. These stylish shutters are made from renewable materials and, unlike other materials, keep their good looks by remaining perfectly white. They also have excellent insulating qualities, offering more than double the insulation of wood and vinyl shutters, which can save you money on heating and cooling costs.  

Best of all, buying from Blinds 4U means your blinds are made locally so you’re not paying extra to cover transportation costs.


Versatile and Practical

Blinds 4U’s blinds are not just budget-friendly; they’re packed with practical features to enhance your living space. From light control to privacy and insulation, our blinds are designed to take care of everyday needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to block out sunlight during the day or create a cosy atmosphere at night, our blinds are available in a range of styles, colours and materials, letting you customise to match your decor. With features like cordless operation and motorisation, adjusting your blinds to fit your lifestyle is easy. 

As well as adding value through good looks, most window coverings offer insulating properties, helping to regulate the temperature in your home, potentially bringing big long term savings on power bills.


Maximising Value

Blinds 4U loves helping you make the most of every dollar. With the option to save by measuring your new blinds yourself, it is vital your window measurements are accurate before making any purchases. By taking precise measurements, you can avoid ordering blinds that are too small or too big, saving you the hassle and expense of returns or replacements. 

DIY installation is another savvy way to maximise your budget. With our user-friendly installation guides and videos, you can easily install your blinds yourself, eliminating the need for costly professional installation services.


Happy Customers

Countless Kiwis have been happily surprised to learn they can afford quality custom-made blinds. Our customers love the quality, affordability and overall service provided by Blinds4U. They are delighted at the transformations new window coverings have brought to their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

Chris says: “I ordered four vertical blinds and they arrived less than a week later boxed up and in bubble wrap, so well protected. The instructions were easy to follow, and it took my partner an hour to put up all four blinds. I decided to buy them cheap because I’ve never had these blinds before so wasn’t sure I would like them. I love them! The material is exactly as advertised. Even though they weren’t expensive, they are just lovely. So impressed with Blinds 4U. I got an email when they had been dispatched so knew approximately when delivery would be. If you want prompt delivery and value for money Blinds 4U are the place to go.”

At Blinds4U, our mission is simple: ensure every Kiwi can enjoy stylish and functional window treatments without fretting over finances. Talk to us today about adding style to your home without straining your budget.