Vertical Blinds

Are vertical blinds outdated?

Vertical blinds are just as stylish and popular as they have always been. This contemporary solution to sunlight control brings simple shade and privacy in a timeless design. Choose from a selection of modern colours to match your interior and save money whilst doing so with Blinds 4U.

Which blinds are better, vertical or horizontal?

Both options of blinds provide incredible shelter from sunlight. Choosing between the two is down to personal preference. The main differences are the vertical vs horizontal shadows the blinds will cast in your home. How would you prefer sunlight to shine through? And lastly, vertical blinds are arguably easier to open as they slide to the side, whereas horizontal blinds lift from above so you have the added weight of the blinds as you open them. This said, there is no difference between the two when adjusting the angle of your blinds.

Do vertical blinds give privacy?

Yes, vertical blinds provide complete privacy when closed to stop neighbours from seeing into your home. Our blinds close perfectly and you have total control over how open or closed they will be at all times of the day. Even when semi-open, vertical blinds provide a good level of privacy whilst allowing you to see outside.

Can people see through vertical blinds at night?

No, vertical blinds block your neighbours from seeing inside as well as blocking outside light, providing a dark and private environment for sleeping. This ensures a peaceful sleep night after night and can block intruders from seeing if anyone or any valuable items are in view.

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