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Details about our roller blinds Motor add on

Motor Details

The motor add on($180) is our own imported motor that is made at Dooya – this company makes all of the motors for the leading brands of motorization for rollers.
These motors are not the same as the Acmeda motors which are at a separate page in our shop: Acmeda Motorized Blinds

The motor head only comes in WHITE and it does not have any type of cover. We normally supply white brackets with these, but we can do any colour bracket.
The motor will need to be re-charged roughly every 600 cycles if it was a medium sized blind (That is up and down 300 times).

These motors sit inside the roller tube and there is only a little visible part of the motor. These motors do have a visible antenna coming out which can be tucked away behind the blind.

Inside the motor is a rechargeable LI-ION Battery, its charged by a micro USB cord.

Motors vs Acmeda Motor

Please see below the table in the difference and the additional details of both motors:

 Standard 2.0nm MotorAcmeda 2.0nm motor
Wifi capableNot currentlyPulse Hub
Wire FreeNoYes
Motor Head Colour WhiteWhite/Black cap
Battery Size2600 mAh2200 mAH
IP RatingIP20IP44
Power20 W15 W
Speed28 RPM +-220-28 RPM

We have a 5 year guarantee on all motor parts

Remote to control and set limits

We have a 15 channel remote to set the limits and control the blinds. If channel 0 is selected, all blinds paired to this remote will work.
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The motors are charged by a Micro USB. You can use any normal Micro USB cord or you can purchase one here: Micro USB 4m cable

The motor will flash yellow while charging and go to a solid yellow light when charged (Occasionally it wont go to a solid yellow but will be charged after 4-5 hours)
The motor will need to be charged roughly every 600 cycles for a medium sized blind (That’s up and down 300 times)
It is very simple to re-charge, all you do is plug in the Micro USB to the head of the blind. 

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