Measuring for new blinds isn’t difficult, however there are a few things to keep in mind


Make sure measurements are exact and in millimetres


Use a steel tape measure (not fabric) and make sure it is straight and tight


Measure each window individually even if they look the same, just to be sure


Please note on roller blinds your width is from the bracket to bracket. The fabric will be roughly 30-35mm smaller.

Please watch our instructional video for further details on how to measure for your blinds, if you still have questions afterwards, feel free to contact us.

Please also be aware:

All measurements must be given in writing.

We take no responsibility for blinds not fitting when made to supplied sizes. All remakes will be charged to the customer.

All blinds ordered at a particular size will fit into the size given. Different deductions are taken for Inside and outside fit. Outside fits will be near the exact measurement given, where inside fit we take a few mm off with widths and drops to make sure it fits. 

I have my measurments!

Now that you have your measurments, you can head over to our “How to order page” Or just continue on to our shop and select the product you are ready to order.

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