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Roller blinds details

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Roller Blind Components

The first picture below is the current componentry we are using for our roller blinds. Going from Left to right we have: White, Off White, Grey, Black.
The other additional colour down the bottom is the Silver bottom rail and Metal chain.

The top row is the Bottom Rails. These are 30mm wide and are a solid powder coated aluminum. You can see the back side of the rail. This is what you will see from outside. The front side takes a strip of the same fabric.

The second row is the Brackets, these can be screwed UP into the window frames or to the SIDE of the window frame. They can also be turned to be screwed BACK into the window frame for outside fit. From the top of the bracket to the center of where the blind sits is 40mm. The width of the bracket is also 40mm Please note the diameter of the roller blind will be between 65-70mm wide.

The third row is the “Side winder” This unit controls the blinds going up and down. The chain is hanging off these.

The fourth row is the plastic chains – Below that is the silver bottom rail and metal chain which in our opinion looks the nicest paired with any fabric.

We use three types of 45mm Aluminum tubes. Depending on the size of your blind, the more solid the tube is so you don’t get any deflection in the tube which creates a V look in the fabric.
The brackets we use for any inside or outside fit blinds are shown below. They have screw holes for all kinds of fits. The MALE end is for the chain control and the FEMALE end is for the opposite side.

Day And Night - Double blinds

Day and nights are awesome to give you more options – Privacy during the day and then privacy with thermal options at night.
This works by having one bracket in your window that can support two blinds. You put the sunscreen up first, at the back then the blockout on top.
These blinds need to be rolling FRONT(forward) so they don’t hit each other in the middle. The controls will be on the same side. You can also have day and night blinds linked, these will come with a matching sized center bracket.

If you are going for Day And Night blinds, you will need to pick between two brackets. The standard bracket and the SLIM bracket.
Please see the photo here, or below in the gallery.
The SLIM is on the left:
This has a 85mm projection forward. This is good for narrow windows, but the bottom blind will sit lower – at around 110mm from the top.

The Standard is on the right:
This has a 110mm projection forward. This is good if you have a wide window jam, the bottom blind sits a lot higher than the slim – Roughly around 90mm.

Linked blinds

Since roller blinds can only be made at 3m wide, a lot of ranch sliders need two and sometimes three blinds in that space.

If you want this split into TWO blinds across, you can now order these easily in our new ordering page: Roller blind advanced shop

If you want three blinds across in that one window, you will have two blinds that join together with a smaller gap where the Non control ends meet. You can order this as a split blind in our roller blind shop, then you need to order the other one separately. Just a note is that between your blinds you will have a control chain and a larger gap when you have three. So we do recommend going for two blinds if you can. 
Make sure all your blinds that you order equals to the overall measurement of the door/window. 

If your blind is over 3m wide, or you select “Split my blind” you will now be prompted to enter the width for your first blind which is on the left. The second blind will be automatically calculated by getting your overall measurement and taking away the size of your first blind.

You can have a Day and Night blind linked as well. You will get a different shaped center bracket depending on the double bracket you order.

Corner window

Rollers are a nice way to deal with hard to decorate corner windows.
To measure for this, you get one blind that will be the full length of one of the sides. So looking at the corner window, lets say the first blind on the LEFT will go from the LEFT hand side all the way to the glass, you want to measure from the Inside window jam to where the aluminum is at the top of the window.  This will be your THROUGH blind.
To measure the blind that will be on the RIGHT – This will be slightly shorter since the first blind will be in the way. So you do the same measurement and  you take off 70mm which is the diameter of the first blind.
You want both roller blinds to be rolled to the FRONT – this will make the gap in the corner smaller.
So the THROUGH blind = Measure normally
The BUTTING blind = measure normally and take off 70mm

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