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    Order Venetian – Timber and PVC

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    Timber 46/50/60mm and PVC 50mm Samples

If it’s your desire to modernise your home with a simple and stylish solution for window coverings, our custom-made blinds are the perfect option. Using quality materials and a contemporary design to create an effortless aesthetic, our New Zealand made blinds will offer unparalleled privacy and shade-control for years to come. Remove the need for obtrusive curtains which steal the focus of your room and replace them with subtle and simple blinds from Blinds 4U, a family-fun business. With our unique 3-step order process, you can save money and update your residence now by selecting from our timber and PVC venetian blinds.

Timber Blinds

Using genuine timber to create rich and warm-looking blinds for your home, you can add the beauty of wood to any room. Timber blinds suit all areas of the home; in particular the lounge, bedrooms and home office. This durable material helps to insulate your home and grant you the privacy you deserve, whilst adding a dash of colour. Order your timber venetian blinds in a range of colours; from white to black, light oak to dark oak.

PVC Blinds

Offering a more classic alternative is PVC blinds, a durable type of plastic manufactured to block sunlight and help insulate your windows. Commonly coming in white, but also available in other colours, PVC venetian blinds are amongst the most popular choices of blind in New Zealand. With the sleek and minimalist design they offer, adding PVC blinds to your home provides a clean-cut look that doesn’t detract from the rest of the house. They are the silent star of many homes.

With the choice of two materials and even more colours, venetian blinds from Blinds 4U can help brighten up your home today. Contact us to find out more and place your order or receive free samples.