If you want to guarantee quality and pay less at the same time, order your blinds from us. Our unique way of doing things means that you can purchase premium blinds for cheaper by using our simple DIY measure, order and install method. With help from us, we teach you how to accurately measure your bespoke blinds to fit your windows before ordering the colour and style of product from our online store with the help of samples. Finally, you quickly install them yourself in a 5 step process. For that, we have written this guide on how to install our roller blinds.

What Experience Do I Need To Install Roller Blinds?

You don’t need any experience as a DIYer to install your roller blinds from us. It’s straightforward and doesn’t take long. All you’ll need is a power drill and bit, a screwdriver, a pencil and possibly a step ladder. When you receive your blinds all your brackets and screws will be included.

Roller Blinds Installation Instructions:

  1. Choose whether you want fabric rolling forward off the tube or rolling off the back, closer to the window.
  2. Screw the sidewinder bracket into the position you determined when measuring the blind. This is the control end.
  3. Screw the pin end bracket into the position opposite, as determined when measuring the blind.
  4. Lift roller blind tube, ensuring the control side goes on first by sliding over the pin for a secure installation. You should hear a clicking sound.
  5. Move onto the other side, turning the wheel towards you until the pin retracts into the tube. Align the roller tube and turn the other way until the pin returns and clicks into place.


Now your roller blinds are installed, check they are secure and check the tracking by lowering blinds and making sure they do so evenly on either side. It’s that simple. Get your custom-made blinds just for you. Choose between a number of various styles and add motorised functionality for an extra special feature.

You won’t be disappointed with Blinds 4U. Get in touch with us today for more information on ordering roller blinds and upgrading your home.