As one of the leading sellers of motorised blinds in NZ, you would expect us to bring you a very diverse range. We certainly do! With the sunny seasons slowly approaching, we thought we’d throw the spotlight onto just one product that will be perfect during spring and summer – in fact. It’s ideal year-round.

Our motorised Roller Sunscreen (also known as Sun filter) blinds are designed to filter out UV rays and control glare and heat. But where they really stand out is they let you keep your view. While we know there are similar products on the market, in our experience, the fabric we use in these blinds provides a superior view. It’s from a fantastic company called Uniline; it’s a sunscreen fabric offering you a 10% openness factor; this means it blocks 90% of the sun’s UV rays while still letting you enjoy the view.

This makes our Roller Sunscreen blinds just the thing if you want to reduce UV rays and glare without blocking out your natural surroundings. They’re good for summer and spring, obviously, but also during winter when the sun sits lower in the sky and glare is often more of an issue than it is during the sunnier months.

Like many motorised blinds, we use an Australian-designed wire-free and rechargeable motor to control this product. The internal battery can last up to an impressive 500 cycles on a single charge; that means your blinds will go up or down up to 500 times before you have to recharge the motor. A micro USB recharges it, and we stock a four-metre micro USB charger if you’re interested. For the ultimate in convenience, the motors are operated by remote controls 0r you can pair them with an Automate Pulse 2 to get Siri/Alexa/Google Home synergy – this means you can bring the blinds up and down when you’re away from home, which makes them an important security feature while you’re away.

If you want to find out more about any of the blinds in our motorised range, including our Roller Sunscreen blinds, contact Blinds 4U. We’ll give you all the product and technical information you need, both about the blinds and the motors that run them. But get in touch soon. Demand for our products is always high before spring and summer, so send us an email today, and we’ll reduce UV and glare without blocking the view!