As an online blinds company, we work a little differently. With high-quality products on offer to convert your tired looking home into a modern and functional dream home, here is how we can save you money whilst doing so. This is how Blinds4U works.

Step 1

Measure your windows at home using our easy measurement guide. This will provide us with the information we need to manufacture the blinds in-house, custom made for your home.

Step 2

Use our online store to select your preferred type of blind. If you are undecided, contact us with any questions and request a sample. We stock a number of different products so you will be sure to find exactly the right solution for you. 

Step 3

When it comes to ordering through our online store, it couldn’t be simpler. Input your measurements to customise your blinds order and buy. We’ll do the rest. 

Step 4

Allow us to start and complete manufacturing of the blinds you have purchased. We’ll use our craftsmanship to make the product to our high standards.

Step 5

Following completion we will deliver your product to you via courier. This will include easy to install fitting instructions for you to fit at home.

In five easy steps you can totally upgrade your home, but how can you be saving so much money? It’s nothing to do with the quality. Our blinds are stunning. It’s because we cut out the middle men and therefore prevent costly measurement and installation work by staff. By reducing how many staff are needed in your transaction we are able to charge less. This akso saves on company vehicles and having to travel to and from your home. Time is money and our quick and easy business model makes things quicker and easier for everyone.

So, save money on your family’s blinds with Blinds 4U to save money and transform your home for less. With less money spent on blinds, the more money you have to redecorate the rest of your home. How will you choose to spend it? Blinds first, then your kitchen, or bathroom, or make changes to your master bedroom that you’ve wanted to do for years. 

We’re always looking for ways to help. Contact us today to find out more about ordering your blinds.