At Blinds 4U, we have decades of combined experience. So, we feel pretty confident in saying that buying your blinds online in NZ is the best way to go. Buying online delivers significant cost savings and we make the ordering process so simple that it’s easy to enjoy those savings.

Buying online from Blinds 4U doesn’t mean substandard quality. You have access to locally manufactured, custom-made products. The same quality you expect at a traditional retailer is what you get when you make an online purchase from us. We source our products from trusted local companies that have been manufacturing in New Zealand for at least 15 years. This guarantees your blinds will be made from high-quality components that carry a 5-year warranty. Having said that, if any issues arise we will deal with them promptly. So, buying your blinds online will give you all the quality you deserve, and provide you with some added advantages as well.

For a start, buying blinds online removes a lot of the frustration typically associated with the traditional purchasing process. That includes sales consultants and installers visiting at inconvenient times and having to take time off work to meet them. No longer do you have to deal with sales reps who are on a commission, and can be very pushy as a result. And for customers who live in rural or inner-city areas, there is no longer the worry that a sales rep might not turn up because you live too far away, or there is no parking in your street.

By now, you might be asking about measuring and installation. How can that be achieved when blinds are bought online? We make those things a piece of cake. Our online shop is specially designed to support you right through the buying process, and that includes full video and written instructions on measuring and installation. with extra telephone support if required.

With any doubts about quality, measuring and installation eased, you will then want to know about price. We keep our prices low without cutting quality.  That’s because we eliminate the selling and installation steps, while our buying power ensures that our suppliers meet our expectations on costs.

There are no hidden charges waiting to give you a nasty surprise: all costs including freight are shown up-front during the buying process. You’ll always know exactly how much you’ll pay – and you’ll get a lot of quality for that money, which is reflected in our long 5-year warranty.

We are here to provide quality custom made blinds just 4U! If you can be reached by courier, we can deliver the best possible blinds and prices. Contact us and let’s further discuss why you should buy your blinds online.