Timber and PVC Venetians

Here you will be able to see all of our Timber and PVC blind details by clicking on any of the boxes below. You can get your price by entering in a width and drop below. You can order your blinds by selecting the type.
You will also be able to split your blinds if your opening is too big for one blind. CLICK HERE FOR FREE SAMPLES

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Component Details

Our Timber and PVC Venetian blinds have the same kind of componentry in the head rail. We use a thick Aluminum 50mm x 50mm head box with solid durable componentry.
The Timber blinds are made from Marupa which is a type of Cedar. We paint the ends of the blinds with a matching paint. We finished the blinds off by supplying a Fascia that is stuck onto the head box to cover it up. This is stuck on by double sided sticky tape – This will not fall down, its the stickiest stuff around! 

Please see below for photos of the headboxes and componentry.